12 september 2011

Rock Your English! (6) - Use it or lose it!

Buffi Duberman (@rockyourenglish, Facebook) deelt tips & trucs hoe je je Engelse uitspraak en songteksten kunt verbeteren. Eerder introduceerde ze deze serie, zette Nederlandse songwriters op hun plek, had het over die altijd lastige 'th'-klank, hoe zat ze I Lof You Fairy Much is en over je songteksten. Vandaag over ambities.

'Last Saturday I was at MCN in Amsterdam to do my shizzle. Kunstbende had asked me to do a Rock Your English! workshop for all their winners. I was very happy to do so, as I’m always excited to work with new talent. I got there and heard the ever-lovely Robbert Tilli ask the group, about 20 strong, ‘How many of you want to make it big?’ I had just arrived, still had my coat on, and was curious to see how many people would own their ambition. Two hands went up. Thank god they were from 2 different people, and not one person raising 2 hands. I couldn’t stand it. I wasn’t supposed to speak. I was all the way in the back. Still had my coat on. Just got in. It wasn’t my turn.I spoke: ‘Say what?!? Only 2 of you want to make it big? I thought you were winners. I thought you had talent. Where the HELL is your ambition? If you don’t have any, please don’t stay for my workshop. Oh, and by the way, my name is Buffi.’ Robbert had already warned them about me, apparently (‘See? I told you about the curls and the flower. Now you know about the rest.’) If Robbert had asked that question at SXSW in Austin or CMJ in New York, I am quite sure that all hands would be up. And maybe even a ‘Woot! or two would be heard. And that got me thinking… Why is it hard for some people to own up to their ambition? Is ambition a bad thing - something that should be hidden, not discussed, not acknowledged? I’m a real American, and where I’m from, if you’re average, you’re nothing. Competition is fierce, and there are hundreds of people clamoring to get what you want. So step aside if you’re not going to go for it completely. Get your friggin’ head OUT of the cornfield, buster, or else no one will notice you. The risk, of course, is that it will get cut off, but that’s part of the game. Better to be an easy target than not to be in the game at all.'

In onvervalst Hollandsch, Buffi: word!

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